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“Who Else Wants To Know How To  Start A Hair Salon In 90 Days...”

Greatest Gold Mine Of "Easy Start Your Own Hair Salon" Advice Ever Crammed Into One Product

                                                                                                                                     From: Don Steele, 9:47 A.M.

Dear Friend,

hat would it be like if you could get your Hair Salon up and running in 90 days.  What if you had all the information at your fingertips…that you need to do just that.

If that’s what you want…if you have dreamed of owning your own Hair Salon…then this is exactly the information you have been looking for.

Here’s why:

This is the only product I know of that answers the following questions:

• What do I need to do first?

• How much money do I need to start?

• What kind of Licenses and permits do I need?

• What kinds of mistakes do I need to avoid so my salon won’t fail?

• How do I pick a location?

I guarantee that when you find and secure a location…I can show you how to get your Salon open for business within 90 days.

Hi, my name is Don Steele.

• I’ve owned and operated Hair Salons for over 20 Years.

• I was a Franchisee

• Through trial and error, I have learned what works and what doesn’t work.

Currently…my wife and I own two Salons.  And I own another two in a Partnership.  I have been an owner of Franchise Hair Salons and…for the past 14 or so years, independent Salons.

But, when I started I could find nothing detailed enough to give me the confidence I needed to start a Hair Salon on my own.  So I went with a Franchise…and I paid dearly for my education.

You can open a Hair Salon in 90 days…on your own…without a Franchiser sucking the blood out of your hide.

You have options.  Information is available that allows you to take full advantage of all the opportunities out there.  You can go with a Franchise…buy an existing Hair Salon or Start your own.

And…unlike me…you can make the decision with your “eyes wide open”…knowing the rewards and consequences right up front.

Paul Williams was an autobody mechanic before we went into business. Here is what he has to say about "How Anyone Can Start A Hair Salon In 90 days:"

      "Finally a detailed "How To" blueprint for getting your Hair Salon Up and Running in record time.  Don is my partner in the Salon Business.  He showed me how to do it.  He can show you too!"

                                   -Paul Willams

Karen, from California, had a conputer glitch that wouldn't allow her to read the downloaded or an emailed copy of the I sent her a hard copy...she had the following to say:

      "I got your book in the mail today, and I am so excited!  I didn't have much faith in e-mail doings and buying.   I'm glad that in our case of business, it was a positive experience.  I love the format of your book, and the creative writing.  I'm impressed..."

                                           -Karen Talken (California)

Some of the Benefits You Will Get From "How Anyone Can Start A Hair Salon In 90 Days":

• You will know that you have the ability to start your own Hair Salon

• You will have the information you need to determine whether to buy a Franchise…an existing Salon or start your own.

• You will know how to get your Salon started…what to do…and when to do it.

• You will know how to get more bang for your advertising buck.

• You will know what always to look for in selecting a location.

• You will know 3 things offered by your product manufacturer that most Salon owners don’t take advantage of.

• You will know the one Insurance policy you don’t want to be without.

You Will Also Get The Following Tips To Get Your Salon Up And Running And Profitable:

• Hiring tips.

• Pay tips

• Training tips

• 4 hot tips on how to double your money

• A list of Salon equipment required.

• A list of other items…including supplies…required to open a Salon.

• Tips on negotiating the lease.

• Which licenses and permits are required.

• How to interview Stylists.

• What to look for when hiring Stylists.

• Advice on retail products.

 List of taxes and when they are due.

The above is a partial list of what you will get from “How Anyone Can Start a Hair Salon In 90 Days.”  But there is one thing that you will get that is worth the price of the eBook by itself.  You will get:

A 90 Day Checklist…

Outlining what has to be done…and in what order…to get your Salon open.

Warning: Before you purchase any eBook or other product on How to Start a Hair Salon…I want to give you 3 things you absolutely, positively must look for.

• Make sure it covers all three of your options:

1. Buy a Franchise
2. Buy an existing Salon
3. Start your own Salon

• Make sure it includes a checklist of what you have to do and when.

• Make sure it includes a complete list of what you need to start a Hair Salon, from picking a location, to organizing, financial requirements, advertising, training, equipment, supplies, hiring, firing, taxes and Insurance.

I know…know…you’re saying:

That’s a Lot of Information…What’s the Cost?

What do you think all of this information is worth to you?  Well…when we bought into a Franchise Hair Salon over 20 years ago…the initial ‘Franchise fee was $25,000 for the first Salon and $5000 for each additional one.  A few years later the fee for additional Salons was up to $25,000 also.

Plus…you had ongoing weekly Franchise and advertising fees…$200 per week when we dropped out.  So, the first two years would cost you $45,000 or more just for fees…and that’s just the beginning…after that you still keep paying and paying and paying…!

There are 115 pages and six chapters in my eBook laying out everything you need to know about starting a Hair Salon.  You can spend $45,000 plus on a Franchise…or maybe find a $3900 seminar…or pay hefty fees to hire a consultant.  You could even hire me personally…but I am very expensive. 

I wrote this book so you would have the opportunity to start a Hair Salon and spend your money to get it off the ground…not on “how to” get it going.

Act Right Now! And Get an Introductory Price of Only $47

My wife said this information is worth at least $500.  I told her that was a bit high.  She said that if I wasn’t going to listen to her I should at least charge $147 for it.  I agreed that $147 would be a fair price for this valuable information…but…because I want to get this eBook in the hands of people wanting to change their lives by starting their own Hair salon...for a limited time you can take advantage of this introductory offer and get it for only $47.  I am guaranteeing this price only for the next two weeks.

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A No Bull...No Nonsense...60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

When you buy this eBook…you get a good as gold risk free guarantee.  If for any reason whatsoever in the next 60 days you feel that you have not got any value from my eBook…just send me an email and get 100% of your money back…no questions asked.

Valuable Bonus for Ordering Now!

But wait, I almost forgot…the first 20 people to order will get a free…that’s right, an absolutely free one-hour coaching call…value $197.  NOTE: I've sold over 20 books...but only two people have contacted what I'm going to do is give the bonus to the first 20 people who contact me (and also to any of the first 20 who bought "How Anyone Can Start A Hair Salon In 90 Days")

Save Time And Effort

Lets face it...You can waste a lot of valuable time and make a lot of mistakes trying to get your Hair Salon started...on your own... without any guidance. 

Doesn't it make more sense to spend only $47 to get the imformation you need to start your Hair Salon?  Think of the time and money you will save...and think of the detailed checklist telling you what to do during the 90 days leading up to your Grand Opening.

Here’s how to order right now!

To order the “How Anyone Can Start a Hair Salon in 90 Days" eBook…just click on the button below.



You can immediately download “How Anyone Can Start a Hair Salon In 90 Days” in PDF format and get started on an independent and prosperous future.


Don Steele

P.S. You might be thinking right now..."Do I really want to risk my money?"  I understand your concern...thats why I'm giving you an Iron Clad...Good as Gold...No Risk...60 Day Guarantee?

 P.P.S. Click here now to take advantage of this offer and get the bonus coaching call.  If "How Anyone Can start A Hair Salon In 90 Days" isn't everything I said it would be...You email me within 60 days and you will get your money back...every last cent!


Results may vary, as with any business opportunity, you could make more or less. Success in ANY business opportunity is a result of hard work, time and a variety of other factors. No express or implied guarantees  are made when  purchasing "How Anyone Can Start A Hair Salon In 90 Days."

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